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Single 30yo going through major sex binge taking Qs.    02/19/18  (59)
Amazing article on Trump immigration crackdown in Chicago    02/19/18  (59)
People who get married w/in one year of meeting....?    02/19/18  (57)
Phineasgage, Why Are BT Girls So Dumb?    02/19/18  (52)
How much do you think this case is worth? (CSLG)    02/19/18  (49)
Cohabitating Before Marriage: PROLE TELL    02/19/18  (46)
Ironside & Tennis Fans Pls RATE #tennis    02/19/18  (45)
the hellish dating landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area (WaPo)    02/19/18  (44)
In all seriousness, what does drive these mass school shooter types?    02/19/18  (35)
I'm afraid I'm about to fail the BAR EXAM for the 4th fucking time.    02/19/18  (35)
Gun control runs into 2nd amendment problems    02/19/18  (33)
February retakers check-in thread.    02/19/18  (27)
Cernovich: McCabe altered 302 of Flynn interview & deleted all history of revisi    02/19/18  (27)
what is with bort's bizarre fixation with jim kelly?    02/19/18  (24)
Should I buy my kid a 300 bat for little league?    02/19/18  (24)
white ppl use dogs as a replacement for human contact    02/19/18  (23)
Reminder: odds are you will get divorced at least once in your lifetime    02/19/18  (22)
I'm depressed about my family situation: email or call like 2x a month    02/19/18  (21)
Why does Diego Schwartzman stop poasting every time academia's irl is brought up    02/19/18  (20)
Boomers encouraging their kid to NOT do tech b/c "not enough $$"    02/19/18  (19)
Is love marriage or arranged marriage cr?    02/19/18  (19)
MY Olympic dream: LJL at this fucking fraud American women scamming system (link    02/19/18  (19)
Divorced Chad buddy is seriously dating a divorcee    02/19/18  (19)
***ITT: A very depressed poster writes what he wants in life and you comment***    02/19/18  (18)
RATE This Ana Girl (PIC) #ironside #jim_kelly    02/19/18  (17)
Rate this miami tinder chick (peterman)    02/19/18  (15)
trying to sell a used car and someone asked me to run a carfax report    02/19/18  (14)
Humanities grads make $52,000 according to new study    02/19/18  (14)
lol @ xo 2018. greatest show since sopranos is new on netflix and 0 discussion    02/19/18  (14)
How much do u spend on lunch every work day?    02/19/18  (14)
Woman fucks her dad, has orgasm "bigger than any one I had in my 12 yr marriage"    02/19/18  (13)
"damn daddy..." said 6 y/o damn daddy as his father OD'ed on the floor    02/19/18  (13)
Cruz is the weirdest looking "white" dood i've ever seen    02/19/18  (12)
Rate this picture of BARRON TRUMP (pic    02/19/18  (12)
*turns on Netflix* all around me are kikey faces, worn out places, mixing races    02/19/18  (12)
Did the whole peterman flying j thing come from anywhere    02/19/18  (12)
One interesting thing I noticed about black politics is that there was never any    02/19/18  (11)
All you SA people will get owned when it gets hacked like AshleyMadison    02/19/18  (11)
Zizek responds to Jordan Peterson, agrees to debate him (link)    02/19/18  (11)
this could be a breakout year for Jim_Kelly    02/19/18  (11)
What is the bar for being "socially liberal" in cartoon world 2018?    02/19/18  (11)
Are all names that end in "man" or "stein" jewish?    02/19/18  (11)
I have POTUS day off. Wife does not. It's like being single again.    02/19/18  (10)
Are you really a wagecuck if you arent a slave to your lifestyle?    02/19/18  (10)
Mueller is now investigating Kushner's non-Russia foreign financing    02/19/18  (10)
Credited groomsman gifts?    02/19/18  (10)
Did most of America have President's day off?    02/19/18  (9)
Rate my dinner i cooked    02/19/18  (9)
When goyim get mad about DBG, I get physically sick with laughter.    02/19/18  (9)
Why is Wakanda allowed to be isolationist?    02/19/18  (9)