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Wife unilaterally decided to be a SAHM    11/17/17  (445)
Leaving wife for mistress    11/17/17  (293)
REMINDER: at 27, i'm literally worth more than all of you combined    11/09/17  (273)
Why repeal the estate tax?    11/03/17  (257)
Wife Leaving Me    11/17/17  (246)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/18/17  (236)
ITT: the sluttiest behavior you have witnessed in your entire life    11/11/17  (212)
SUMMON: gatormo    11/11/17  (204)
ITT: Your top 5-10 books    11/15/17  (203)
Have yet to hear a single valid argument for assault rifle ownership    11/02/17  (202)
ITT, I will guess your height based solely on your moniker/poasting history    11/06/17  (201)
Anonymization of poasts older than X    11/03/17  (197)
household income over $500k. not even UMC    11/09/17  (193)
Amendment to "Law of The Land"    11/17/17  (184)
Rating poasters as minor/background characters in the AutoAdmit movie    10/24/17  (180)
Is 33 too old to find a husband/life companion? A    11/15/17  (177)
#1 fatal flaw for dudes. hyperfocus on fitness (esp weights) & ignore STYLE    11/13/17  (175)
What is IQ disparity between you and gf/wife?    10/20/17  (165)
How worried should we be about China?    11/16/17  (164)
azn Brad Pitt selfies 2 trade for 5.25+" DICKPIC that can pass for azn (uvt    10/24/17  (162)
You just finished a day of blacksmithing. Heading to the local tavern    11/14/17  (162)
How much would you pay for this case if you were on a jury (Calishitlawguru)    11/09/17  (160)
Night crew weirdos forcememing stupid shit    11/18/17  (155)
Boart anti-semites: What % of Jews r in Jewish conspiracy? Is it all or some?    11/17/17  (154)
Serious thread: should I go to AA?    11/18/17  (152)
What other creepy American regions would be good for True Detective    11/01/17  (151)
Healthy posters: come here and give me your healthy eating tips    10/25/17  (150)
xo has irreparably redpilled me re: modern women ):    11/09/17  (149)
Guess how much I settled each case for (with photos)...    10/28/17  (149)
Trump welcomed to China w/ highest level pageantry. US media doesn't cover it    11/10/17  (147)
I am surprised misogynist XO is so anti divorce    10/26/17  (147)
is "fun" for most ppl in their 30s just eating at restaurants or what    11/13/17  (146)
Gen. Kelly comments to the press re: fallen servicemen    10/22/17  (146)
Fucking disgusted by 29tp's behavior tonight.    11/17/17  (145)
The death of LIL PEEP has got me fascinated by Gen Z and their music    11/18/17  (143)
Anyone posting my Playboy pics is violating law of the land    11/14/17  (143)
cliffs on MPM/lawman8 stuff that happened today?    10/22/17  (143)
I've had it up to here with this new Millennial obsession with TRAVEL    11/07/17  (137)
Esquire Aricle with 40 Election Day Inteviews - THIS WILL MAKE YOU RAGE    11/08/17  (136)
Rate this college slut who gets wet as fuck after chad throws a tv on her (video    11/16/17  (136)
Rate my man cave renovation (pics)    11/07/17  (134)
Explain the logic of wanting people to put less $ in the 401(k)s - link    11/02/17  (134)
Q for bros who refuse to marry and have babby    10/27/17  (134)
Is that Wall Street Journal article on tax plan real? If so it's completely 180    11/02/17  (132)
Who here is actually white white?    11/12/17  (130)
I Eloped at 25, Divorced at 26, and Dated My Way Across Europe All Summer    10/27/17  (128)
Louis CK dealt with this whole allegation thing correctly    11/13/17  (126)
What was most 180 moment of Trump campaign?    11/09/17  (126)
ITT: List, in your opinion, top 5-10 smartest XO poasters.    11/17/17  (125)
Donna Brazile throws Hillary under the bus in lengthy screed    11/03/17  (125)
Pretty good day for trump today    10/31/17  (125)
GOP considering 401k limit of 2400 dollars. If Trump accepts, I'm out.    10/24/17  (125)
why are we suddenly in the middle of a 'sexual harassment' panic?    11/17/17  (124)
RATE Bob Sagets fiance (shes 38 hes 61)    11/10/17  (124)
best way to teach toddler a second language?    11/14/17  (123)
Just booked an amazing 180 vacation    10/25/17  (123)
remember the awesome stock tips drakemallard gave    11/16/17  (122)
List your five favorite albums ITT    10/22/17  (122)
******The INDICTMENT **** of manafort (link to actual indictment )    10/30/17  (120)
what were some of your biggest revelations of adulthood?    11/03/17  (120)
Rate Roy Moores demand letter    11/16/17  (118)
parents, at what age are screens appropriate? for how long each day?    11/14/17  (118)
b/t EPAH and Calishitlawguru, we have some seriously rich musclenuts on this bor    11/15/17  (118)
Reminder: This tax plan completely fucks shitlibs in California and NY    11/05/17  (118)
John Kelly says more dumb shit; this time about Civil War and Columbus    11/01/17  (118)
Check out the brutal beating at 9th Cir. oral argument    11/17/17  (117)
Can My Children Be Friends With White People? [NYT]    11/14/17  (116)
Wife's friend who never returned her $1k is now asking her for $750. best respon    10/31/17  (116)
US agriculture 'on brink of collapse' due to labor shortage. Thanks Trumptards!    11/15/17  (114)
Rating poasters as colleges    11/03/17  (114)
in a decade+ of poasting, RSF has never revealed a single negative thing    11/10/17  (113)
Trump dumps entire box of fish food into japanese palace koi pond    11/07/17  (113)
Rating poasters as two-word phrases that will appear in lawman8's manifesto    11/07/17  (113)
What are the top 3 countries to visit in Europe?    10/23/17  (113)
What phone do you have?    10/31/17  (113)
I got redpilled on marriage and divorce today    10/25/17  (112)
Capping mortgage interest deduction will at most costs someone $7k a year    11/03/17  (111)
Libs: come ITT and defend immigration by "lottery" from third world shitholes    11/03/17  (111)
Way I know xo poasters are weirdos    11/05/17  (111)
Difference between West and East Coasts    11/05/17  (110)
LibArmy launching an offensive against Chief of Staff Kelly    10/22/17  (110)
Being deposed in a shitlaw case next week. Give me tips.    11/07/17  (109)
had unprotected sex with model and finished inside, taking Qs    11/16/17  (108)
NYT Weddings: "Trevor" took her to dinner 10 nights in a row    11/04/17  (108)
DNC Official Say She Don't Want To Recruit 'Cisgender Straight White Males' (WaP    11/01/17  (108)
2017 net to date is 1.1 million - Calishitlawguru (taking ?s)    10/28/17  (108)
ITT: Your TOP 3 SEXCAPADES of 2017!    11/10/17  (107)
That Julia thread got shitmodded. Wtf?    10/29/17  (107)
What is your most embarrassing/stupid/weird sexual fixation?    11/13/17  (106)
PDDJ's "Jewish" Sister Getting Married On Saturday. Shabbat = No Photos    11/12/17  (106)
Lol Moore yearbook signature appears in two different inks    11/15/17  (105)
f'ing LOL at American men who think getting buff will solve their problems (DTP)    11/18/17  (104)
People w good bodies: is a personal trainer worth it?    11/09/17  (104)
RATE this sexy Jewess mommy/fashion blogger #DBG    11/09/17  (104)
Bannon: George W. Bush Was Single Most Destructive President in U.S. History, I    11/07/17  (104)
29 is the dullest ofthe femposters - no distinct personality, no good content    11/07/17  (103)
ITT: Your Home value /Your HHI / Your Mortgage Amount    11/11/17  (103)
What is the current Shitlib narrative attacking the GOP tax plan?    11/02/17  (103)
wife is out of town for the week, cr course of action?    11/17/17  (102)
one of the greatest gifts in life is a 180 sibling    11/08/17  (102)
Hey pumo ,.,...,..,.,..:,,:,..,,.;:,,..,:
,.;.:..:.,:,::,. when did you know you
   11/15/17  (102)
PSA: You will bitterly regret not having children    11/01/17  (102)
Goldman Sachs to launch new fast casual lending chain "Marcus" in 6 cities    11/14/17  (102)
Fuck. 7th year biglaw associate stuck in dead end job with no future    11/16/17  (101)
11 yo CHAD reject 20 yo karate teacher's sexual advances, fucks his dentist    11/14/17  (101)
Chandler turned down an offer of employment from calishitlawguru    11/16/17  (101)
***MPM2017 ANNOUNCEMENT - RULE AND FORMAT CHANGES***    10/20/17  (101)
College basketball is much better than the NBA    11/16/17  (100)
Roy Moore accused of banging multiple underage girls in the 1980s    11/10/17  (100)
Friend is on his second Ukrainian bride    11/01/17  (100)
How can I improve my apartment? (peterman)    10/28/17  (99)
BIGLAWMOS: Hours check in... year is almost done, how many hours have u billed?    11/17/17  (98)
Bacari Sellers: People making $30k a year will have a tax increase    11/17/17  (98)
NEW ROY MOORE ACCUSATION! lmao he's FUCKED    11/14/17  (98)
Lmao, PF is emailing me right now. What a crazy ass bitch.    11/09/17  (97)
Suggest a 4 wheel drive car?    10/23/17  (97)
atheists: why is murder categorically wrong    10/23/17  (97)
Rate my checking account (Epah)    10/20/17  (97)
Pls explain to me like I'm 5 how Russia prevented people from voting for Hillary    10/31/17  (96)
michigan teens drop rocks off bridge. kill someone dead.    10/24/17  (96)
Marriedmos: who initiates sex more? You or your spouse?    10/20/17  (96)
Date Lab: Hes a data nerd. Shes more intuitive.    11/03/17  (95)
Trump-Russia collusion is mostly BS, but Trump is a fucking incompetent moron    10/30/17  (95)
May be going back to rehab    11/14/17  (95)
who else is interested in joining the xoxo gaming crew?    11/10/17  (94)
Buddy found out his gf was a SA whore    11/08/17  (94)
Taking Qs from the AIRPORT    11/06/17  (94)
Housing mastermen: dissuade me from buying a 100+ year old house (pics)    11/12/17  (93)
breathing with out a ventilator and walking again (benzo)    11/13/17  (93)
Clinton campaign paid for Trump dossier    10/25/17  (93)
As a male you are FUCKED if you lose your virginity past age 15    11/10/17  (92)
ITT: I guess ur weight, you say "higher" or "lower" til I'm right    11/06/17  (92)
Real Talk: if Mueller cant get Trump then libs are fucking done here    10/31/17  (92)
weird that Tinder has been entrenched as the go-to dating app for years now    11/08/17  (92)
29tp DRUNK AS FUCK answering all questions honesty ITT until I decide otherwise    11/10/17  (91)
Why do you white dudes find asian girls attractive?    10/25/17  (91)
wapo: appalling datelab highlights the misery of capital city romance    10/26/17  (91)
Algorithmic Search AND All Archived Threads    11/16/17  (90)
Comprehensive list of putdowns by xo reptiles making up for their life failures    11/07/17  (90)
Chubby 18 year old Asian girl threw up on my dick    11/02/17  (90)
How do child molesters rationalize it?    10/24/17  (90)
Police Arrest Racist White Frat Lax KKK Bros Graffiti Artists at Michigan Colleg    10/25/17  (90)
Wow tsinah is super fucking ugly. Lol.    11/07/17  (89)
My health insurance going up $250/mo next year; plan getting worse    11/04/17  (89)
Hate how "travel" among elite means "international"    10/24/17  (89)
lol at twins' catty butthurt whining re: xo liking coldplay fan more than him    10/23/17  (89)