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*Do Not Get Married**Do Not Get Married**Cannot Stress Enough*    02/25/18  (125)
Where are the happily married xo bros?    02/25/18  (97)
Chick said I'm "creepy and rub her the wrong way" even though we've never...    02/25/18  (91)
why is xo against leasing cars?    02/24/18  (76)
Excluding traffic stuff and drugs, what the last CRIME you committed?    02/25/18  (73)
Please explain why people think America is so great    02/25/18  (50)
30 YO female Thai Air Force Officer likes me    02/25/18  (48)
Met a Canadian girl at a party, she told me about her meeting Americans abroad    02/25/18  (48)
Quick without looking: which US states have the highest/lowest IQs in the union?    02/25/18  (46)
Why was Japan able to recreate itself so fast postWW2    02/25/18  (45)
Imagine being a 20 yr old college bro and finding out your ex fucked a 28 yr old    02/25/18  (44)
Gavin Newsom is an insane shitlib. Vote Antonio Villareigosa for Ca Governor!!!+    02/25/18  (43)
Taking ?s on firearms; pull-up technique; and beer recommendations    02/24/18  (42)
CA democratic party won't endorse Feinstein    02/25/18  (37)
Please explain why people think Amazon is so great    02/25/18  (35)
Your grandpa in P51 over Midway, ur Milkbank website pic taped above fuel gauge    02/25/18  (32)
Libs: BLM is actually about a few LEOs being bad apples. Whites: How dare you!    02/25/18  (32)
Rate this POWERCUCK'S online dating profile    02/25/18  (32)
Times of India MAF as Trump Goes Hard at H1B's    02/25/18  (30)
Summon: PEEP SHOW bros    02/25/18  (29)
Is Buddhism the credited "religion"?    02/25/18  (29)
Oppressive shrews demand "bed frames"    02/25/18  (29)
White guy attempts to volunteer in the ghetto; is promptly mugged and murdered:    02/25/18  (28)
At what age should I stop living with roommates?    02/24/18  (28)
are TRADITIONALIST CATHOLICS smarter than atheists, muslims, jews, trashcan cath    02/25/18  (26)
Why do low iq shitcons think its ok to eat meat?    02/25/18  (26)
What posters here have Middle-Eastern heritage other than Julia & diesel?    02/25/18  (26)
Bitchy AZN GIRL: "My boyfriend is white and 6 feet tall!" (vid)    02/25/18  (25)
Getting wife breast implants. What kind should I get and what procedure?    02/25/18  (25)
LJL, one year at HBS has a financial aid budget of 110 grand    02/25/18  (24)
My orgasms last barely a few seconds. How to make them longer?    02/25/18  (23)
White female in loving relationship with Asian male taking questions    02/25/18  (23)
RATE this escort    02/25/18  (23)
blow bender cr until roomie begins obsessively searching her bed for bugs    02/25/18  (23)
how low iq do you have to be to think a 16-cell morula has reached personhood?    02/25/18  (22)
we incarcerate negros at a far too high rate    02/24/18  (22)
The hottest girls are those who are actually slightly imperfect    02/25/18  (21)
LOL, even CNN poll shows xoTrump approval back to 55%. Libs?    02/25/18  (20)
*David Attenborough voice* "The betas must be cautious. Someone else has his eye    02/25/18  (20)
put kid to bed. wife still not home. im literally dying of flu and she left me a    02/25/18  (20)
Got sucked dry by a WELSH spinner (6 total in Feb) Taking ?s (CharlesXII)    02/25/18  (20)
I really enjoy jim gaffigans stand up, am I low IQ    02/25/18  (19)
Are Physicists smarter than Mathematicians?    02/25/18  (18)
New Yorkers: are the social divisions in "Uptown Girl" still relevant today?    02/25/18  (18)
10 min until bagel place opens. Lox, toasted poppy bagel, capers, ice coffee    02/25/18  (18)
Pound for pound boxing legend Srisaket Sor Rungvisai    02/25/18  (18)
Was Einstein really a mega genius or is that jewish flame?    02/25/18  (17)
"The controller!" Your organic HS GF giggles, mid-Mario Kart N-64, "it's your tu    02/25/18  (17)
Ever had to deal with someone 10+ years younger in a higher position?    02/25/18  (17)