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STICKY: Holy shit snopes mentions are greatbort!   10/17/17  (85)
The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare (longread    10/17/17  (10)
Serious question: Where the fuck is Johnsmeyer and why did he retire    10/17/17  (18)
Prole employees take their stupid "jobs" so seriously (evan39)    10/17/17  (20)
HYPO: US imported slaves from China instead of Africa for some reason    10/17/17  (10)
What's the difference between nyuug and a piece of sushi?    10/17/17  (63)
FBI uncovered Russia bribery before Obama admin approved nuclear deal w/ Russia    10/17/17  (8)
What so bad about take tiny joo cock for million dollar acting gigs    10/17/17  (3)
*fails out of a middling LS* *can't hold a job* "everyone ELSE is a dumb wagecuc    10/17/17  (13)
retarded fag tp here, word is that Bad Motherfucker is johnsmeyer    10/17/17  (1)
/!\ FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot => ITS OVER TRUMPKINS /!\    10/17/17  (8)
Bros help me to understand something:    10/17/17  (5)
Which Trump incidents most revealed the grotesque and foreign values of media?    10/17/17  (32)
JFC, what an insane weekend of CFB    10/17/17  (5)
Got messaged out of the blue by former intern (CharlesXII)    10/17/17  (46)
RATE This Rabbi's Lecture On Why Mass Revelation At Sinai Can't Be Flame (VID)    10/17/17  (2)
Bros, what do you think of my OMEGA MALE strategy for mating?    10/17/17  (38)
"613" is too much. That's why Jews go buckwild with regecting morals.    10/17/17  (8)
crazy how "Torpedo tits" has a completely new meaning now    10/17/17  (6)
Trump: "Hillary, please run again!"    10/17/17  (4)
Twitter Account Tied To Scaramucci Makes Holocaust # Of Deaths Poll    10/17/17  (3)
***A certain LEGENDARY RETIRED POASTER will be a wildcard entry at MPM2017***    10/17/17  (13)
Sam Querrey, on the cusp of the WTF, loses 1R in Tokyo to Gasgay #DBG    10/17/17  (8)
what do you predict will happen in the next 25 years?    10/17/17  (103)
So GC is pushing this "dilly dilly" meme pretty hard now huh?    10/17/17  (12)
Bannon doing the agonizing yeoman's work of trying to uncuck GOP    10/17/17  (2)
Constitutional law scholars / MoreDoughHi    10/17/17  (1)
the new St. Vincent album is 180    10/17/17  (15)
88yo German Holocaust Denier Known As "Nazi Grandma" Convicted Again    10/17/17  (1)
ACLU suing rach for lack of 'Atheist Studies' board    10/17/17  (3)
When Trump wins Nov 2020, Im not sure libs will have any fight left    10/17/17  (4)
Would you rather date a cheerful, latina prole barista or overworked shrew attor    10/17/17  (45)
rate this 2017 tennis porn compilation #ironside    10/17/17  (3)
WaPo is just off the rails propaganda    10/17/17  (8)
Siri: nuclear blast wave incoming. just to confirm, delete browser history?    10/17/17  (1)
Millennial: "What's a 5-4-3 DP, Do I Stick It In My Ass?"    10/17/17  (7)
Yom Kippur: Rach Takes 2 Quotemos, Sacrifices 1 For LORD, Throws 1 Off Cliff    10/17/17  (12)
Hey bros, I was the guy who shut down free bagels on Mondays at my LS    10/17/17  (2)
Nothing In The USTA Rules Says A Golden Retriever Can't Play Tennis (PICS)    10/17/17  (5)
Trump states that will turn blue in 2020    10/17/17  (27)
"So you voted Obama twice and then...Trump - why?" "I only pick winners"    10/17/17  (9)
I've Made 68 Threads Today. And 7 Hours To Go    10/17/17  (6)
is doing non-cryptic crosswords prole?    10/17/17  (3)
Lance "Maria" Sharapova: Tianjin Title Is Special #tennis    10/17/17  (1)
No, we always just meant "black people" when we said "divesity" (NYT)    10/17/17  (37)
H. Weinstein on Carson last night: I love pickles but not this kind of a pickle    10/17/17  (1)
Logs into xo; gets asshold GAPED by literally every poster; is nyuug    10/17/17  (2)
petition to ban DBG's constant awful tennis spam on ARE law bort    10/17/17  (1)
"Ello I'm a Bri-ish man! You seem awfully brown--can ye spunk in me Mum?"    10/17/17  (72)
Oh look, another (((company))) founded by rich New Yorkers ("Hubble")    10/17/17  (32)
lol at dumb jews falling for gc u need 2 kitchens flame    10/17/17  (1)
Can't wait to LOL at libs when Trump wins    10/17/17  (24)
Weinstein could single-handedly change American history    10/17/17  (6)
Sick of seeing so many blacks on commercials    10/17/17  (37)
J-Swype equivalent of 'lick message'? Also discussion thread    10/17/17  (14)
Nothing sadder than a 40+ year old never married homely female atty    10/17/17  (1)
JJC's GFE With "Sila" (Vocaroo)    10/17/17  (50)
Pull out is the best birth control method if you're in a relationship    10/17/17  (34)
Omg guys Eminem just DESTROYED trump    10/17/17  (12)
The Berenstein Bears Start a Hollywood Studio    10/17/17  (7)
WMTP w/ a chopstick in each nostril, barking like a walrus while I fuck his ass    10/17/17  (65)
No reason for cops to carry guns, they can use non-lethal methods to stop perps    10/17/17  (1)
Just took a huge dump on my bathroom floor    10/17/17  (3)
I support nyuug and so should you    10/17/17  (34)
The Berenstein Bears Start a Hedge Fund    10/17/17  (21)
White American girl I fucked last night literally worships Big Korean Cock now:    10/17/17  (126)
Before you walk up to a girl, makes it easier to accept possibility of METOO'd    10/17/17  (1)
RATE this conversation I just had in my apt building elevator (autism potential)    10/17/17  (16)
Newsweek: How Hillary Can Still Become President (Oct 2017)    10/17/17  (62)
"No harm, no fowl" quipped Kasich, flushing the last baby chick down the toilet    10/17/17  (12)
Hillary comforted supporters at Javits Center by reading them Berenstein Bears    10/17/17  (16)
Ok hand sign (medium nigger skin tone)    10/17/17  (4)
NYC subway on weekday mornings = GC's BangBus    10/17/17  (5)
JJC kicking a dog after drafting Bill Ackman in his fantasy hedge fund league    10/17/17  (10)
"You're Welcome" (Dwayne Johnsone Moana song) stuck in my head    10/17/17  (21)
IPA giving whole new meaning to phrase "Torpedo Tits"    10/17/17  (3)
hypo: lawrence lessig is your childhood friend. you beat him at monopoly.    10/17/17  (9)
Chandler faithfully feeding his IPA tits every night with a couple Torpedos    10/17/17  (3)
Sometimes my dick will grow 2-3 inches a few times a year    10/17/17  (5)
swedish chef attacked by muslims cuz he looks like trump    10/17/17  (34)
No way this dude is not fat again in a few years    10/17/17  (10)
"Landscaping" is an incredible scam    10/17/17  (6)
I cannot stop LMFAO @ that butt slut whokebe. Legit among the worst posters here    10/17/17  (27)
Bros, I regret to inform you that WMTP took his own life tonight    10/17/17  (20)
bloodacre how did your band's show go last night?    10/17/17  (2)
Brk Brk Brk. Allah Es Deh Won Tru Gud.    10/17/17  (4)
Can you buy ambien and benzos over the counter in Mexico?    10/17/17  (2)
loling hard as fuck now that Watchmen turned out to be a gay slut like whok    10/17/17  (35)
MacKayla is not impressed with you sissy pen dick clit penis    10/17/17  (1)
Jansen should be converted to closer    10/17/17  (6)
Gossip site reporting McKayla has a TWO HOUR sex tape    10/17/17  (7)
Security alarm going off like 4th of July as JCM drags her cunt into a hot topic    10/17/17  (1)
How often do u haircut    10/17/17  (8)
It begins: Super Mario Odyssey - 10/10 from Edge (link)    10/17/17  (55)
Hmmmmm: journalist behind Panama Papers killed with car bomb    10/17/17  (4)
Took a selfie with my nerdy friend who has glasses. (bloodacre)    10/17/17  (97)
Me: Uh, do you have the time? Stacey: MY BOYFRIEND MY BOYFRIEND MY BOYFRIEND!    10/17/17  (1)
Hot girl cutting my hair mentioned her boyfriend within 5 minutes of meeting me    10/17/17  (18)
What we really need to do-and by we I mean white allies-is interrogate the notio    10/17/17  (4)
Casey Anthony whispering in your ear, "without God, everything is permitted"    10/17/17  (31)
Rach PLEASE make a megapoaster madness board so non-aspies can ignore it    10/17/17  (3)
Swedish Researcher: ancient Vikings were muslim (BBC)    10/17/17  (47)
WMTP, a vocaroo message for you (prestigefaggot)    10/17/17  (128)
trumpmos, does it bother u that nearly no actors or athletes share your values?    10/17/17  (22)
fuckin' paralegal. I heard her giggle when I told another atty "we almost won th    10/17/17  (5)
Blue Nigger demonstrates why all black females should be spayed    10/17/17  (38)
WMTP, I apologize. You were right (PF)    10/17/17  (5)
Watchmen, I could satisfy you sexually (prestigefaggot)    10/17/17  (2)
Razib Khan. Rod Dreher. Nassim Taleb. Tom Holland. Geoffrey Miller.    10/17/17  (5)
So u just TALK to women until they fuck u?    10/17/17  (27)
my mental illness seems to be worsening    10/17/17  (3)
Whites are inept, blacks are peaceful - (((DirecTV)))    10/17/17  (16)
Worst Oscar snub ever = Robert Shaw in Jaws    10/17/17  (1)
REMINDER: female cats with cerebral cortex removed would successfully mate    10/17/17  (22)
Crazy that Snopes is now seen as some all-knowing source of "truth"    10/17/17  (2)
I know everyone knows this already but Askav is a T5 GOAT poster    10/17/17  (40)
"Hillary Clinton: The Case for Reparations", by Larry Lessig    10/17/17  (1)
Anyone know any whole foods salad/hot bar hacks?    10/17/17  (3)
"Peter Gunn Theme" plays as day crew files in to XO HQ to post gay shit    10/17/17  (6)
it was all a flame, i used to read zozo magazine, jcm & julia up in the limousin    10/17/17  (5)
ITT thread we guess which companies/celebs/politician to be accused of rape next    10/17/17  (18)
OperaSoprano how many times did drunkard smash that?    10/17/17  (17)
askav petitioning rach for a standalone Frasier board    10/17/17  (23)
holy shit!! trump tweet: "i have firm grasp of army&marines. u have green light    10/17/17  (2)
Down at the Throb downtown, is where I shoot some cum.    10/17/17  (1)
Jam this jagged metal up your cunt. Trust me the side effects are no big deal.    10/17/17  (1)
everyone posting geeky shit about "MPM" is a yuge queer    10/17/17  (39)
Reminder: girls on the pill "pass" a mucous blob of limbs and teeth every month    10/17/17  (1)
ITT I document my attempts to knock up my wife    10/17/17  (105)
boycott mpm    10/17/17  (1)
A review of contemporary phenomena compels the conclusion: FUCK YOU, NIGGERS    10/17/17  (1)
It carpet bombs my brain with hormones but trust me the side effects are NBD    10/17/17  (1)
One life to live and you had a diet coke and salad for lunch most days    10/17/17  (1)
Anyone else keep mixing up Jesus Campos with Jesse Camp in their heads?    10/17/17  (1)
Rate these HS cheerleaders sharing their houghts on racism    10/17/17  (8)
What do Peterman and lettuce have in common?    10/17/17  (38)
Rate this WHITE WOMAN's tearful APPOLOGY to BLACK VICTIM of FOX NEWS interview.    10/17/17  (21)
Molluscum flying off assfaggots dick like sonic's rings as he rides me cowgirl    10/17/17  (1)
"you just might be a goyim"    10/17/17  (42)
Love grabbing all the good bacon at a buffet    10/17/17  (2)
When the fuck did libs turn the term "racial injustice"    10/17/17  (2)
Salon: men should not ask women out on dates, should wait for women to ask them    10/17/17  (1)
ITT: Biglaw Horror Movie Titles    10/17/17  (290)
when Trump wins the nom the bumped threads will blot out the sun    10/17/17  (37)
Okay you whiney bitches, here's a website where you can do some good while sitti    10/17/17  (3)
Did people fail to read fairytales when they were kids? Explain, libs.    10/17/17  (6)
bort operating at an exceedingly high level right now    10/17/17  (3)

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