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STICKY: New account requests   04/09/18  (203)
"Wow Peterman, the skin around your mouth is so flaky""Haha that's not dry skin"    04/21/18  (10)
Krampusnacht offering hypos to poasters    04/21/18  (34)
Are PhDs handed out like college degrees these days?    04/21/18  (1)
"the enema of my enemy is my friend" (peterman)    04/21/18  (3)
Wish these guys wouldve gotten the job done on Somalis?    04/21/18  (1)
How is Pompeo already negotiating with North Korea? Hasn't been confirmed yet    04/21/18  (30)
Mexican Aztecs have more right to be in this continent than white Americans    04/21/18  (16)
Just do use treasure map to find valuables cr?    04/21/18  (1)
What is the easiest not fake phd to get    04/21/18  (16)
How many weekend poison addicts are just now recovering, ready for next binge?    04/21/18  (15)
Rate these Kansas Bros that went after Somalis    04/21/18  (1)
Any doctors post? Anyone understand MACRA?    04/21/18  (6)
Shout out to my haters (peterman)    04/21/18  (23)
Ugh in bar and chink FOB is picking teeth with toothpick & sucking on it    04/21/18  (6)
rate my moniker    04/21/18  (3)
What do when you wake up and don't like things anymore    04/21/18  (4)
My friends who did PhDs just chilled and played video games all the time    04/21/18  (1)
graduate certificate program    04/21/18  (1)
GQ declares 21 novels you dont need ro read. Spoiler alert: all by white males    04/21/18  (273)
31 and dating 23 y/o, getting some comments about it    04/21/18  (55)
I am now MORE impressed w/ people who didn't go to college than college grads    04/21/18  (1)
Just learned grandparents left me 1.5MM in their will    04/21/18  (16)
When did Sopranos jump the shark?    04/21/18  (2)
LOTS of high pitched shrieking when Antifa gets arrested.    04/21/18  (3)
"Jazz MFE taking questions!" squealed whok as jinx sodomized him w/a clarinet    04/21/18  (15)
"Welcome to the party old sport! Thank you for the compliment of great Gatsby    04/21/18  (13)
Maple Leafs vs Bruins    04/21/18  (4)
Cant spell Minneapolis without Somali    04/21/18  (12)
why are ford cars incredibly TTT    04/21/18  (27)
Why is Trump denying MR MAGOO story six weeks after it ran    04/21/18  (1)
The amount of paid programming on TV is insane    04/21/18  (3)
In your opinion, who is the best QB in the draft?    04/21/18  (6)
just imagine what it's like for an azn FOB the 1st time HANDSOME cock enters her    04/21/18  (13)
Feeling urge to purchase and drink whiskey alone    04/21/18  (1)
Comey leaked; OIG to investigate    04/21/18  (44)
Who are the next 3 you want dead?    04/21/18  (11)
Rate this 55 year old Pediatric Surgeon's life (link)    04/21/18  (19)
If you were to make a junk food run to store what would you gorge on?    04/21/18  (17)
RockeTTTs getting BTFO    04/21/18  (1)
when's the last time you visited a Planetarium?    04/21/18  (49)
Analysis of phrase "jumped the shark"    04/21/18  (13)
The Berenstain Bears and the Gold-Fringe Flag    04/21/18  (14)
You can't spell MINNEAPOLIS without SOMALI    04/21/18  (19)
NYT: Trump is 100% correct on trade.    04/21/18  (2)
why does xhamster, a porn site, offer users "verification" checkmarks?    04/21/18  (7)
CSLG should do a PUA style boot camp for solo bros    04/21/18  (19)
Xo posters parents sighing as he rants about Jews and black crime at dinner tab    04/21/18  (22)
"Don't worry, there's plenty more gay shit coming up!" *audience roars approval*    04/21/18  (19)
gorgon remember how libs spent the past year screeching about trump was 'breakin    04/21/18  (5)
Yum yums for my tums! (Doobs licking dried cum out of worn underwear *butt part)    04/21/18  (5)
LeBron James dead    04/21/18  (2)
Obama to buttercup: "You didn't build me up."    04/21/18  (67)
Leftaud jamas never went to clown college born to 16yo mother u poast    04/21/18  (2)
LOL at thing-doers, friend-havers, and place-goers    04/21/18  (63)
XO Poaster charged w/ hate crime after family member alerts police to anti-semit    04/21/18  (1)
Trump wasn't invited to Barbara Bush funeral    04/21/18  (49)
So all the deep state liberals and Obama/ Clinton admins are going to prison    04/21/18  (3)
Libs are running a *LOTTERY WINNER* in Congress.    04/21/18  (2)
"This is nigger!" screeched whokebe gleefully as niggers raped him    04/21/18  (13)
Rate this video of MELANIA looking sexy    04/21/18  (30)
Roger Stone: Donald goes out of his way to treat [Cohen] like garbage    04/21/18  (13)
Rachel Weisz is pregnant at 48 and people are confused    04/21/18  (10)
Do you really care about some dead frauds that enjoyed life on your $    04/21/18  (1)
can we please have an honest discussion of nigger apes?    04/21/18  (1)
Rate this picture of Halford letting doobs out of the Hellroom (nsfw)    04/21/18  (7)
Avicii, Barbara Bush, and now MINI-ME dead. the rule of 3s!!    04/21/18  (6)
Why did shitlibs make it so dangerous to call black coworkers Nigger Apes?    04/21/18  (6)
Honkg Kong looks like it'd be fun for a year or two for a single white dood    04/21/18  (10)
It's unreal how badly the GOP fucked up this Supreme Court vacancy    04/21/18  (265)
I love tv dinners    04/21/18  (20)
Hillary Body Double Appeared in NYC After 9/11 Fainting? Snopes: FALSE    04/21/18  (5)
it's sickening when shitlibs forcememe ugly nigger apes as good looking    04/21/18  (36)
Steve Jobs dead    04/21/18  (3)
thoughts on this song?    04/21/18  (3)
{:{|} is seriously a GIGANTIC LEAP forward in nigger threading.    04/21/18  (28)
damn there sure are a lot of threads on XO about NIGGERS    04/21/18  (2)
/!\ Poppy sued for identity theft /!\    04/21/18  (1)
Me in HR when they ask: "Did you write 'fuck my ass with your fat nigger cock?"    04/21/18  (2)
Rate this Brooklyn Law Professor    04/21/18  (30)
Pound for pound Clarence Thomas pulled the hottest SCOTUS clerks    04/21/18  (15)
long john silver's >>>>>>>>
>> in n out
   04/21/18  (1)
French Revolution was humans one chance to get it right and we blew it    04/21/18  (87)
Krampusnacht briefly taking questions    04/21/18  (13)
Anyone have a thing for skinny Asian girls with dyed blonde hair?    04/21/18  (22)
Fuck all of these dead loser$ lets talk some fucking football    04/21/18  (1)
Nebraska wins spring game attendance crown $cott Fro$t coming for ya    04/21/18  (1)
Any you Buddhist weirdos been on a meditation retreat?    04/21/18  (10)
I saw a reference to PEACOCKING/PUA stuff in an early-80's British sitcom:    04/21/18  (2)
Single dad of a teen daughter    04/21/18  (1)
LJL - Barbara Bush died and I had NO IDEA    04/21/18  (2)
A $port fraud had a brain hemorrhage today during a game    04/21/18  (1)
TURD SANDWICH is a SMELLY NIGGER    04/21/18  (1)
Do hawt single American women with one kid still have ridiculous expectations    04/21/18  (4)
Anyone here cop the IHG credit card from Chase?    04/21/18  (7)
Should I do a Scandinavian tour on my next Eurotrip or Prague + Budapest?    04/21/18  (9)
sometimes i think being mexican would be 180    04/21/18  (8)
Nations leading economist is a history BA has to embarrass the profession.    04/21/18  (6)
Fredo Was Weak. And Bald.    04/21/18  (2)
Look how earnest GC is about these career prospects.    04/21/18  (4)
Good boxing this weekend: Broner/Vargas, Frampton/Donaire, Charlo/Centeno    04/21/18  (14)
Careless Shit Pit owner sent to prison    04/21/18  (1)
A Primer on Cuckoldry (tree man)    04/21/18  (25)
Hero shoots Shit Pit attacking dog being walked by kids    04/21/18  (6)
Jim kelly spends 6k a year on cleaner even though his chink wife stays at home    04/21/18  (4)
Gorsuch: "as a mobile being, Peterman may not be designated as a Superfund site"    04/21/18  (3)
Dear Niggers, Is a 100k gain on Crypto enough since December    04/21/18  (2)
Flying J execs scratching their heads when they see Google results    04/21/18  (29)
evan39 wounded in "beer aisle putsch"    04/21/18  (19)
nightlight from longecity will redpill you on smoking    04/21/18  (29)
Fried bologna    04/21/18  (5)
how PASSABLE is this tranny trucker? (pic)    04/21/18  (4)
Avici getting a blowjob from Barbara Bush    04/21/18  (1)
is the "bottom" the shorter guy or the guy with the smaller cock?    04/21/18  (5)
WLMAS looking for father figure at the local zoo    04/21/18  (1)
Spin, you ratfuck!    04/21/18  (1)
Anyone feel like leaving all their money to Labdoods?    04/21/18  (1)
Palace coup happening in Riyadh    04/21/18  (37)
Lion gets thoroughly fucking pwned by hippo    04/21/18  (1)
Hard to Be a God - any good?    04/21/18  (2)
Verne Troyers fresh corpse shiting on Avici$ dead face    04/21/18  (4)
XO is fucking trash 1000 threads on avici none one Mini me dieee frauds    04/21/18  (4)
xo 2018: family money is prole    04/21/18  (1)
ted cruz tp have you ever had a complex thought    04/21/18  (20)
American hikikomori gather ITT    04/21/18  (20)
Just hit up my reg local run and tug. Closed up with notices on the door.    04/21/18  (2)
ITT, a hentai manga about CharlesXII interacting with women    04/21/18  (36)
Crazy to think Westbrook, Durant, and Harden were all on the same team once    04/21/18  (2)
Rate my estimated tax refund, per Turbo Tax    04/21/18  (7)
Ancient mesoamerican civilizations do not seem recognizably human    04/21/18  (16)
"Kneel down and get ready to receive the holy gaynigger seed"    04/21/18  (7)
Creepy Leong story aside, you can pick up a lot of women driving for Uber    04/21/18  (1)
Your Honor, the gold fringe flag stands for no Nation and no Constitution.    04/21/18  (6)
Its fun when some so call famous fraud dies and you can shit all over them    04/21/18  (2)
Adam West Batman was 180    04/21/18  (4)
a Peterman appears    04/21/18  (2)
I have purchase 228 movies on iTunes    04/21/18  (2)
Tribe, Chemerinsky furiously scouring inauguration pics for gold fringe flags    04/21/18  (4)
spaceporn2525 don't EVER fucking come back to xo or i'll FUCK ur son up the ass!    04/21/18  (46)
Sean Spicer: "Because there was gold fringe in SF courtroom, the ruling does not    04/21/18  (7)
Flynn's eyes narrowing as he sees yellow fringe in congressional chamber    04/21/18  (23)
Remember: A Poast with GOLD FRINGE is a Maritime Poast and Invalid    04/21/18  (3)
Your future husband explaining the significance of yellow fringe on a flag    04/21/18  (4)
LJL at essay takers who don't address whether flag in court has yellow fringe    04/21/18  (4)
TRUMP put the GOLD FRINGE on the American flag. Martial law = your guilty until    04/21/18  (17)
REMEMBER: The gold-fringed flag is the JOLLY ROGER    04/21/18  (3)
Reminder: If there's yellow fringe on flag @ polling place BE ALERT    04/21/18  (2)
anyone notice that all of those flags at Obama's speech have the gold fringe?    04/21/18  (6)
Remember as long as u don't use web browser w/ gold fringe Comcast can't sell ur    04/21/18  (4)

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